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Let The Pain Begin

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cap007 Let The Pain Begin

After my first two days back on routine, I realize that getting the competitive physique back is not going to be a pain free experience. I kept it fairly light and easy on my first couple of days back. I drank piles of water and ate my meals, but the muscles still scream with the pain of lactic acid build up.  Who would have thought that becoming a character called Tuff isn’t going to be easy? (grin)

This week is only going to involve four days of training, so I can hit each body part moderately, one time through the week, and not get in so much pain I can’t move.  That’s the great thing about the first week or two of training when you haven’t been training for a few months or longer, it won’t take much to see your body reacting to the stimulus. At least that is what I tell myself every time I move   too fast and wince right now, ‘Ouch!… Oh yeah. That’s a good thing.’

For now, I get to enjoy a day out from the gym and it helps all of us to know that that muscle soreness dies off in a big way after the first couple of weeks.

Since I got to fully focus on some development stuff for the movie TUFF today, I went and gathered together film footage for some new demo reel material and am met with my production team to discuss how we might be doing a ‘The Making Of TUFF’ documentary. I think they may just want bloopers and outtakes of me getting beaten up as I try to figure out some of the stunt stuff.

Remember to post a note, if you decide to get rolling on training with me to get in shape for this movie. I do want to know about how it’s going for you. Remember that I you don’t have to get the big Naturally Massive or The Fat Burn Truth programs. You can grab the free Hibernation Training or start on something of your own. Just share the process.

Tomorrow I am back to the gym for a little shoulder and triceps shock treatment. I’ll catch you in the aftermath.



Catch The Radio Show – The Fat Burn Truth Extended Bonus

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depewpodcast Catch The Radio Show   The Fat Burn Truth Extended Bonus

Catch The Interview

I recently had a great opportunity to speak on the Fitness and Nutrition radio network, about The Fat Burn Truth, at the invitation Dave Depew. Dave is a San Diego based fitness expert and he got me to share a few secrets with the audience about fat loss.

I gave away a few of the details behind burning fat that I have buit into The Fat Burn Truth and you can apply them in any program you are currently on. You can catch the radio spot (here)
Also, because Dave was so great about coordinating the radio interview, I felt it warranted an extension to the reduced price on The Fat Burn Truth. I am going to keep the January price available until this Wednesday, so you have an extra four days to take advantage of the reduced rate.
Even if you don’t feel the urge to grab the extended price drop on The Fat Burn Truth, and are just listening to me for the free advice, you should definately click on the radio link and catch all the free info. (click here)

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