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Snow guilt…

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image536976x Snow guilt...

Natures Workout

Many of you are familiar with how I advocate for cardio interval training, when it comes to burning off fat fast. The idea came to mind again tonight and here is why…

As I sit here I am looking out my window and there is an insane amount of snow falling. In fact, there is so much snow that I can’t see the house across the street.  For a moment I thought, ‘cardio is officially not happening tomorrow’.  Then I realized I was trying to cheat myself.

I gave my head a shake and then started thinking about how I could turn my snowed in state into an advantage come morning. (I know, I know. You figured it out right away.) The reality is any sustained effort, such as shoveling snow, can be turned into a cyclical cardiovascular exercise pattern. That means that my morning cardio workout is soon to become all about how I pace my shoveling. Granted this only works with the light powdery snow, as you really don’t want to wreck your back by attempting to do bursts of speed shoveling if the snow is wet and heavy.

I realize that not everyone has to deal with snow, but the point is that you can find alternatives to doing cardio in the gym. You can burn fat through a variety of cardio methods just by looking at activity in a way that you can fine tune for intensity of effort.

You can check out my suggested cardio pattern in the free program, Hibernation Training.

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The Build Muscle Lose Fat Blog Begins!

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Welcome and thanks for signing up for Build Muscle Lose Fat updates. Here are a few things that the site can do for you.

Of course there are the two core programs, Naturally Massive and The Fat Burn Truth, but even if you aren’t ready for that yet there is some cool free stuff to have a look at. For one, check out the videos for a growing amount of free media content.

There are also the a few apps, which are free programs for helping you set your dietary targets and track your progress. Also, if I find material by other writers that can help you, I will drop a note into the links area. So have a look around and I’ll be in touch with more stuff you can use as it is available.

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