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What's holding you back? Diet?

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dcalclogo What's holding you back? Diet?
Many people don’t start on a course toward achieving their best physical condition because they feel something is holding them back. Let me run through a few of these over the next few days and see if I can offer a few applicable solutions.

Problem: I don’t know what to eat and even if I did know, I wouldn’t know how much or how to organize my meals.

Solution: It would be great if we all had a personal chef or someone that we could afford to pay for holding our hand in the kitchen, but life isn’t like that for most of us. Money or no money, I can offer up a solution that you can work with though.
Here is what will solve the problem…

I have a tool that will tell you how much you need to eat each day and at each meal. Don’t worry, I am not pitching you on a something you have to buy to use. It’s free. Just go to and click on the section that says Gizmo Apps, near the top. Select the free diet calculator. You just have to provide your current weight and your goal weight. You’ll get a break down of daily calorie needs for two weeks and suggestions for how to divide your intake over each meal in the day.

Okay, now you still may be thinking, ‘The calorie suggestions are great, but I need to know what to eat’. For this you need two things. One is a calorie counter that includes a breakdown of protein, carbs and fat content for any food you might try. You can even get this for free on the web, as many sites have free databases you can access for any food.

Lastly, grab one of my programs. Yes, I am plugging my programs Naturally Massive and The Fat Burn Truth. However, if you still don’t want to buy anything, no problem. I still have a solution to this last part. You can grab a free copy of Hibernation Training. You will find sample menu breakdowns that you can adjust in any of these programs. Use your diet calculator numbers and your calorie counter guide to adjust the sample menu in any of these programs.

There you have a solution that you can tailor for yourself. Please, feel free to post a comment if you give this a try.

- S

Hybrid + Hibernation = Hybernation Training

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It appears I confused a few people with my free program offer when they saw the name of this training system, Hybernation Training. That’s my fault for not explaining it in the first place.

Hibernation Training was and is the current name of the program. However, I was speaking to some folks recently about this technique and explaining that Hibernation Training is really a hybrid program, given that its name is based on the notion that it is a hybrid of advanced gym training methods and, equipment free, home based workouts. Hybrid… hibernation… the next thing you know I have invented a whole new term, totally throwing the more spelling conscious of you out there.

Because it involves working out from home, the word Hybernation got thrown into the mix, as it is a blending of the words hybrid and hibernation. I should have covered this in my video, but better late than never.

You can check the free progam here:
Hibernation Training

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