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The movie TUFF is currently in early development.

We’ll the first workout got underway for the purpose of establishing the look of the character in the movie Tuff. I kept it light and easy. In fact, I think I got in and out of the gym in about 25 minutes.

The idea was just to get a little blood flowing into the muscle, because even moderate exercise is going to result in some rapid changes in the body this first week. Lots of fluid will begin flowing to the muscles and lots of lactic acid (also known as pain). I am going ahead with the Naturally Massive methods to make my transformation, but some are using The Fat Burn Truth program to make their transformation happen.

Anyone doing this with me (for fat loss or muscle gain) should consider your first week a bit of a warm up. Don’t go too nuts or you could end up not being able to train for a few extra days, due to excessive muscle soreness. Oh… one more thing. Drink lots of water. Your body will be looking for it now that it will be using a bunch of muscle tissue that its not used to using. Believe me it will help.

As for connecting this to the movie development effort, I am in the process of talking with some writers for script rewrites of the current draft of the film, as the general concept is solid but needs to go through the usual rewrite process. For now, this post contains a preliminary promotional poster for the movie TUFF.  Also, I am sharing with you the general plot synopsis.

Best, Sebastian

PS – Feel free to share with us your personal character transformation goals…

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He Fought For Country. Now He'll Fight For Family.

Tuffton Shepherd (TUFF), returns from war in Afghanistan to settle in with his wife and kids in a quiet rural town. When the town’s new school principal butts heads with him over his son’s education the school takes steps to remove Tuff’s children from their home. Tuff soon finds himself fighting the local police and on the run to get his family back.

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  1. Bodhi says:

    Great, thanks for the update. I completed my training today, making sure to stay hydrated and will committ time this evening to visualization. Definately have more drive to workout since giving my word to this goal. Also, going to add hill sprints to cardio routine.

    TUFF poster is good and plot interesting so looking forward to seeing the movie when it’s done.

  2. It’s amazing how quickly the body react when you start. Even when you wouldn’t typically crave water, as soon as you start working those muscles, your tissues start sending signals to inflate muscles cells and make them grow. Keep it up Bohdi, we’re all going to be digging deep to fashion the character we want to see ourselves become.

  3. Bodhi says:

    Re: Feel free to share with us your personal character transformation goals…

    My goal is to train at peak potential for the mental challenge and physical transformation because now is the time to transform this area of my life once and for all.

    Why? One reason is to lead by example and inspire by results for those i love, for the sake of their own health and longevity.

    I wish you all success in realising your goals and appreciating the journey along the way.

  4. Agreed Bohdi. Your actions effect the people around you.

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