Let The Pain Begin

cap007 Let The Pain Begin

After my first two days back on routine, I realize that getting the competitive physique back is not going to be a pain free experience. I kept it fairly light and easy on my first couple of days back. I drank piles of water and ate my meals, but the muscles still scream with the pain of lactic acid build up.  Who would have thought that becoming a character called Tuff isn’t going to be easy? (grin)

This week is only going to involve four days of training, so I can hit each body part moderately, one time through the week, and not get in so much pain I can’t move.  That’s the great thing about the first week or two of training when you haven’t been training for a few months or longer, it won’t take much to see your body reacting to the stimulus. At least that is what I tell myself every time I move   too fast and wince right now, ‘Ouch!… Oh yeah. That’s a good thing.’

For now, I get to enjoy a day out from the gym and it helps all of us to know that that muscle soreness dies off in a big way after the first couple of weeks.

Since I got to fully focus on some development stuff for the movie TUFF today, I went and gathered together film footage for some new demo reel material and am met with my production team to discuss how we might be doing a ‘The Making Of TUFF’ documentary. I think they may just want bloopers and outtakes of me getting beaten up as I try to figure out some of the stunt stuff.

Remember to post a note, if you decide to get rolling on training with me to get in shape for this movie. I do want to know about how it’s going for you. Remember that I you don’t have to get the big Naturally Massive or The Fat Burn Truth programs. You can grab the free Hibernation Training or start on something of your own. Just share the process.

Tomorrow I am back to the gym for a little shoulder and triceps shock treatment. I’ll catch you in the aftermath.



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  1. Bodhi says:

    How do you mentally approach breaking thru the pain barrier on the final reps before muscular failure?

    I did hill sprints for the first time today and was physically sick. Perhaps should reduce the intensity next time…

    I’m interested to hear how others are progressing if you got time to post a quick note.

    TUFF definition according to Urban Dictionary: Slang for strong. Often opposed with weak.

  2. Alan says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    As your well aware the body will increase its abiltiy to train more intensly once you have been at it again for a while. Alot of cellular changes such as fluid and nutrient uptake is occuring now and your body will begin to increase mitochondria in the muscles. So hang in there and you will be “TUFF” before you know it.

    I wanted to share with you what I have learned about training so far since being a student of the Naturally Massive System so bare with and I hope this can be encouraging to your own efforts and maybe others who read your posts.

    In the start up of the Naturally Massive System back in November of 08′ I began training with the Primer phase and wow after 5 years of once per week full body training I was sore. I began at a body weight of 196lbs and after primer #1 weighed in at 188lbs. During the 1st growth phase I increased in body weight 12lbs to 200lbs and noticed especially in the second week how rapid my strength and size increased. After the end of my second primer phase I weighed 190lbs and had increased my arms from 15 and a quarter to 16 and a quarter. I noticed that my waist which was 34 at 196lbs before Naturally massive was now 33″ after 6 weeks. My lean mass inceased and my waist decreased. I was also much stronger and better conditioned.

    Now this is what I want to make clear. I have tried many training systems over the years. Many had short term effects but did not last. The biggest problems I faced on those programs was the lack of diet and supplement cycling combined with proper exercise weight and rep cycling. The “SAID” principle is the most important of any I can think of and the Naturally Massive system nails that dead on. It takes correct diet structure for the primer phase as well as adds interval cardio which I had never considered useful but now see as manditory if I am to increase my metabolism during the whole day as well as make my heart more efficient so that it can pump more oxygenated blood to my working muscles which improved my lactic threshold. I have found that running is the best way for my body to lean up and increase aerobic as well as anaerobic conditioning.

    Now for those who are unaware of how effective The Naturally Massive System Diet really is when combined the correct training cycle let me share. I am a distance truck driver. I was training six days per week while trying to run my business from home. I used the Naturally Massive system and was achieving extraordinary results so fast that I started to look like I had been cranking something. I recieved complements on my transfomation from men and women at the gym I train at. I actually had to reduce my training frequency to sat/sun doing upperbody saturday and lowerbody and core sunday. My workouts violate exercise duration of 45-60 minutes and are 2-2 1/2 hrs long. Can’t help it if I want to attack my body in two workouts. Scary thing is that I have the strength endurance to handle this volume. The Naturally Massive system is as effective for me training 2 days per week during the growth phase as it was doing each body part twice per week.

    I am looking forward to training with the primer phase this weekend and seeing my body transform as I know it has from experience with the Naturally Massive System over the last 3 1/2 months.

    This is my workout outline for both the primer phase and growth phase we will call it “The Weekend Warrior” (TUFF workout.) I advise seeking a massuse after this (LOL!) Actually I mean use it when you need a break from 6 days so that some of lifes other priorities can be met allowing you to continue the body development journey without starting over!

    Day 1 PRIMER and GROWTH exercises

    Primer phase no less than 8 reps/ 4 sets per exercise. Growth Phase no less than 4 reps 3 sets per exercise.

    Saturdays (upper body)
    -Dumbell press on 10 degree incline
    -Dumbell press on 40 degree incline
    -Dumbell press on 70 degree incline
    -Dumbell rows (both arms) lying on 10 degree incline
    -Dumbell rows (both arms) lying on 40 degree incline
    -Wide grip upright row (keep arms bent don’t allow them to hang staight down.)
    -Parallel Dips supersetted with Palms up Chin up
    -Palms up latt pulldown lean back at 70 degree angle supersetted with incline pushup (weighted)
    -Tricep Pressdown supersetted with Lying cable curl
    -Single arm Tricep pressdown supersetted with single arm lying cable curl
    -Lying cable pullover (use a adjustable pulley slide system for this if your gym has one)

    Sundays (lower body & core)
    -Leg press
    -Single Leg press
    -Stability ball hack squat (use dumbells for resistance, kinda like a hack squat and deadlift)
    -Seated hamstring curl
    -Lying hamstring curl
    -Roman hyperextension (get full stretch and complete the leg curl part #1 hamsting builder)
    -lying hip raise (lower Abs) supersetted with lying weighted crunch (upper abs)
    -cable side bend (obliques and quadratus lumborum…lateral spinal support muscles)
    -seated calve raiseleg press calve raise (keep legs slightly bent thoughout exercise)
    -single leg standing calve raise (use weight that you can still hit peak contraction)
    -standing calve raise

    -Interval Cardio tuesday and thursday of primer phase. (outside run for 20 minutes)

    That is all. I know that I prefer to use the 6 days per week more than 2 days but I only have 2 days per week I can train and so I invented my own mini workout to complement the Naturally Massive System. So far I found that it works, but I think the endocrine system will benefit better from more frequent shorter intense workouts than two longer intense workouts simply because long workouts violate testosterone and growth hormone release. Yet I have to allow myself to do the best with what I have time for and this does me well. If It works use it. One advantage with this style of training is I have 5 days for full recovery, and I need it! I chose dumbells and cables in my routine over barbells because I like the natural feel of dumbells and my muscles respond better and with cables I get constant tension throughout the full range of motion which is not possible in “most” isolation movements using dumbells. Barbells are left out except for Wide grip upright rows. I find barbells over used by me in the past with little results. But I may use them when I can train six days per week using them one workout and dumbells on the other. Hope this can be of encouragement to some and you to Sebastian. Until next time train smart, train consistantly and visualize you TUFF self and who knows what will transform.

    Best ALAN

  3. The pain barrier. Good question. I actually find there are two things that help with breaking through the pain barrier. One is by setting goals for each set I do, which creates a mental plan for how many reps I expect to achieve regardless of the pain barrier. Secondly, and just as important, I set my goals so that I am doing what will require me to go to failure. Combining these techniques give me a way to look past pain barriers and reach for my target. It sounds like you are already well into the mindset if you are running so hard you’re throwing up. :) Bohdi is getting “Tuff”.

  4. Alan,
    Your progress has been awesome man. Cramming it all in two days does sound a tough one to swing, but it’s not without merit.

    I don’t know if your schedule would permit it, but the Bulgarian Olympic lifting team used to train more over the span of one day than other countries with great results. They would simply divide their training up over the entire day and do three workouts, one morning, one midday, and one in the evening. In between they would eat and sleep. This kept each training session down to under 30 minutes and allowed more hormonal recovery.

    Even if you can’t do this, the fact that you are taking full advantage of your off days for recovery sounds like it is really doing a lot toward handling the longer workouts.

    Keep us updated man and keep up the good work.


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