Giving Away THE FAT BURN TRUTH For 24Hrs

Anyone who follows my blog here knows that I don’t throw a lot of wild deals out there. I give out some free material and free advice or put out a notice when I have some new material you might be interested in. Basically I feel that people are either ready to dive into a transformation or not. They can follow my methods or take the free advice and follow their own program. I am interested in seeing if people are going to join me in the transformation experience as I push to get the movie TUFF made.

Okay, so I won’t hold a bunch of suspense over your head on this. I am giving away The Fat Burn Truth over the next 24 hrs and here’s why…

I recently got chatting with another of the well known trainers on the web, Vince Delmonte. He is assembling a massive package of DVD training material that is aimed at taking beginner, and more experienced people, through their transformation experience from start to finish. Vince has done a great job with his own transformation and others. His material is very extensive, as it has instruction focused for both genders and he takes you through a beginner, intermediate and advanced  training methodology.

Now his program isn’t super cheap, but it is excellent and extensive, so you should at least check it out. It’s great value for the massive DVD package that you get and if you choose to grab a copy through my link below, I will give you The Fat Burn Truth system for free.¬† I wanted to do something to make this an easy purchase, as I think Vince has some great material here. Therefore, for the next 24 hours (while his program is on sale) I am going to give away The Fat Burn Truth program to anyone grabbing Vince’s material through the link below.

FatBrnTrth Giving Away THE FAT BURN TRUTH For 24Hrs

FREE For 24 Hrs – The Fat Burn Truth

You have to hurry on this though, because Vince said he only has about a couple hundred packages left, as of this writing, and they may not even last for the 24 hrs I am giving away The Fat Burn Truth.

Just forward me a copy of your purchase reciept, via email and I will send you a link to your FREE copy of The Fat Burn Truth. Not only will you have Vince’s killer program for making your tranformation, but you will get all the advanced training secrets in The Fat Burn Truth completely free!!

Here is where you go to check out Vince’s program and get your free copy of The Fat Burn Truth.:


Once you have started your program, whatever it is, give us all an update in a blog comment area.

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