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After The Bicep Operation

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A few days after my surgery for the distal bicep rupture I decided it was time to do a little update on my progress. I didn’t have access to the fancy camera, so your seeing some stuff shot with a little Kodak InstaPick still camera I had near my couch. Here is what a man with a few days of cabin fever looks like. Not a pretty sight…

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What Are You About?

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Last night I was driving, thinking about the challenges I face in getting my ruptured bicep back in working order. The thought centered around how irritated I was at needing to both repare the arm and build it up for the film I want to do. Extra hurdles I didn’t need. 
Then I thought about how many people miss doing the big things in their lives, the things they feel they are called to do, because the hurdles life hands then seem excessive.  
Maybe you let your body go and feel it’s too far gone now.
Maybe you lost touch with your children and feel it’s too late to reconnect.
Maybe you feel your dreams passed by and age has convinced you their gone.
Our lives can throw hard things at us in many ways and…
we can’t control the past.
Sometimes our situation is our fault and sometimes its not.
It doesn’t matter.
What matters is deciding on your answer to the following question:
Are you about living your life according to the past?
Are you about letting bad situations give you an excuse to fail…
OR are you going to be about something else?
When people look at you they can see someone that is about climbing the mountains that life has made you face.
We may not reach the top of whatever challenge our life becomes,
but our lives can be about reaching hard even when reaching isn’t easy to do.
We don’t have to lie down and wait for hard things to get harder.
This life will not be defined, in the eyes of those around us, by empty dreams, empty words, or passive thoughts.
This life should be defined by your finding the heart to act, regardless of what challenges or pain define your past.
It’s about standing up after every fall.
So climb the mountain in your life. Don’t lie under it.
Now get up, make a plan, say a prayer and get started.
You can still decide what you are going to be about.
Talk to you soon,

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Sebastian MacLean is a Canadian based actor/producer. In addition to acting in a variety of diverse film roles, he has produced an internationally televised documentary film Facing Goliath and a health related TV series Body Quest. He is currently working on developing action drama projects for both TV and film.

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