The Book Donations For Haiti List

Well, the week ended and I just found out from Dave and, his father, Jerry O’leary that they raised $120,000 for their relief efforts in Haiti. That is money that will go directly to care for the people effected by the disaster down there, as they have been working with orphans down there for over a decade .
The donations received in exchange for the book CONTEST RIPPED: A CONVERSATION REVEALED,  were sent from people all over the world. The grand total reach $796, of which $696 went to the Manna Care Foundation and $100 was donated to Red Cross.
As promised, here is a list of all the donations received to help Manna Care Foundation’s efforts to feed and providing clothing to people in Haiti. (Full names are only listed from those people who gave permission for me to use them.)
Direct Donations To The Manna Care Foundation
Brian C $5.00
John McLean $50.00
Gary and Errin G $100.00
Ryan L $25.00
Ricky T $10.00
Andrea B $25.00
Marylin S $20.00
Donations To (Handed over to Manna Care Foundation)
Richard S $5.00
William Greer $5.00
Dan R $5.00
Stephen D $50.00
Albert Leblanc $20.00
Robert S $5.00
Daniel R F $10.00
Ken W $10.00
Wilfred Swyer $25.00
Michael W $20.00
Dennis R $3.00
Brian G $15.00
David F $10.00
Jared G $5.00
Marilyn S $15.00
David F $10.00
Mark B $10.00
Walid H $10.00
Chris J $3.00
Rachel B $10.00
Paul F $25.00
Per H $15.00
Ali Z $10.00
Greg Hutson $5.00
Peter Finch $10.00
Jean Paul N $100.00
Mike & Anne M $50.00
Red Cross Donation
Hubert P $100.00
Total donations to help in Haiti: $796 (minus applicable PayPal and banking transaction fees)
You have all done some good for some people out there. Thanks to all of you.
All the best,
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