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Giving Away Books

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CoverSht 231x300 Giving Away Books

One Week Give Away / Exchange

I just realized I have said little about the contents of CONTEST RIPPED: A CONVERSATION REVEALED.

I guess that since I decided to hand out the book this week,in exchange for any donation of $1 or more to my friends Haiti relief effort,I took for granted that knowing more about the book might still be needed.

First of all, Contest Ripped: A Conversation Revealed is not a menu break downor a training program. It is a conversation and is written as such.

It is a book that looks over my shoulder, as I speak to the concerns and questionsof a first time competitor, looking for the way to get as lean and muscular aspossible for the contest stage. It covers how to eliminate water retentionfrom under the skin, how to carb up, how to evaluate blood sugar levels and much more.

If you have no idea how to train then this book may be worth grabbing now,while I’m essentially giving it away. However you will likely onlybe able to apply this information once you have advanced in your training.

So far many of you have grabbed a copy and the funds, which will bedonated to the Mana Care Foundation for relief in Haiti, have reached $483.With amounts ranging from $3 to $100, everyones desire to help is making a difference.

With just 3 more days to go, I got a call from the Mana Care Foundation yesterdayand their goal of $100,000 in a week has already hit $80,000. These guysare hitting the ground with food and water soon and it looks like they willhave the funds to feed a large number of families over the coming weeks.

Again, for those that donated, I thank you.

For those still thinking about it, you can look at it one of two ways:

1. Take a shot at helping these guys hit the dollar mark they are looking for this week or…

2. Take advantage of me and grab my book for dirt cheap, while I’m giving the book away in exchange for any donation of $1 or more. Head to and send whatever you decide to

Only three days left to go.

Talk to you soon.

All the best,



Remember that if you don’t like the idea of sending me the donated funds (which I am turning over at the end of this week), you can also donate directly by going to and then send me your receipt. I’ll still send you my book this way as well.

Cynics Suck

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Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Most people I have heard from have reacted positively to my handing over the book CONTEST RIPPED: A CONVERSATION REVEALED, in exchange for a donation of any amount to help in Haiti.

So far $268 in donations have come in. The amounts have ranged from $3 to $100 and there are six days left to go. As any of you who have been on my list for a while know, I don’t do charity requests, as I know how many are out there. However, since I’m seeing this as an exchange of a donation for a physique development book, relevant to what I usually discuss, I thought this could work on do some good and provide easy access to my latest material.

As for the money going to help in Haiti, the response has been very positive, as I said…

Of course I did get two brief emails, containing the following:

Email 1

“You dirty con man.”

Email 2 (This guy left my email list. A warning in advance, his words are offensive. Here was his reason)

“For wasting my time with your emotional extortion to send money to machette welding, voodoo, rapist, cannibals in Haiti when there is good starving people in the Applalation (sp) mountains U.S.A. Go ahead and feed them, at least they wont hate you and your children after you feel all warm and fuzzy inside for doing your good deed for the day.”

Some people are a real pleasure to see leave.

Now I also find this sad. Not just because the first email is untrue and the second is full of both hate and untruth, but because it is this kind of cynicism that has so many failing to make a difference in other peoples lives.

A cynic can get so busy worrying about protecting their own interests or being angry about not getting what they feel they deserve that all they see in a request for help is a world full of con artists and takers.

I suppose we all risk feeling, or do feel, some cynicism at times, but that’s why its important to give our heads a shake, step out of our shell, and see what we can do for someone who might need our help. It forces us to look at things from another perspective and connect with someone other than ourselves. No one is above cynicism, but we can all rise to overcome making it a habit and allowing bitterness to take over.

I thought giving out a book on the secrets of contest prep, in exchange for an open donation, of as little as a buck, would cut through the cynicism, but you can’t win them all I guess.

However, just in case there are other doubters out there, I thought I would mention an alternative donation method, which will still get you a copy of my book. Maybe then those folks will throw down a dollar, like others have already done, and get a book worth more than that for their trouble.

For those who haven’t already:

1. You can make a donation directly to, the site for Mana Care Foundation. (These are the guys that work on the ground in Haiti, so the money is going right to the people, not some giant bureaucratic structure). Just send me a digital copy of your donation receipt, and I send you a book.

2. You can still, save a step, go through, and pay directly to the email I will be giving all funds from this book donation swap to The Mana Care Foundation at the end of the next six days.

I will also make an official listing of donations received, using only first names unless permitted to make a full name public. Well that’s the update. However you choose to do it, I’ll watch to see who I need to send a book to next.

Thanks again to all those who have donated so far.



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