Unwrapping The Arm

I’m getting that much closer to getting myself back to the gym in the latest video. That said, my tendency to lose size fast when I’m not training is really starting to show. It’s all part of the process though.

Have a look at how quickly things are progressing with the blown bicep and let me know if you have any useful recovery information that might make it into future episodes. In the mean time, here’s the latest video journal update:

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  1. Alan says:

    Well it is not every day a trainee faces rehab from a bicep blowout. This muscle seems to be one similar to the pec. When it is injured it takes quite some time to actually build the confidence to train hard again even after the injury is fully healed. Arnold Swarzenegger said he had a broken leg once. The bone was actually healed and he stated he was still training legs with only a plate. But the doc told him that bones fuse back stonger then before. Kinda like scar tissue our bones thicken after a brake. It wasn’t long before he was back to hitting the weights hard again and well on his way to achieving that olympic class physique. The main idea with injuries is to go at your own pace and retrain the tendon with a very similar approach as if you have never trained before. Give it time to heal first and then begin with a periodization program that concentrates on 4-6 second eccentric tempo and normal 1-2 second concentric tempo. Follow a 2 second pause at the top of each rep. I suggest concentration curls and palms up pulldowns for the first month before any other forms of curls or rows. After that implement various hand postitions and grips. The main thing is to develop the bicep and allow the tendon to strengthen slowly but steadily.

    My experience has taught me that tendon/ligament and bone strength are the limiting factors to improving strength. One other really good idea once the bicep tendon is a full strength again is to do partial chins. Hang from the fully extended position after an appropiate warm up with an underhand grip and approx. 10-30% more weight than your current one rep max. Do apartial rep and hold it as a static contraction for 7-10 seconds. Do 3-4 sets of 1 rep once per week for 2 weeks. Then return to normal full range. The purpose is the stengthen the tendons of the working muscles. Because the biceps are put in a mechanical advantaged position this is safe for developing there insertion tendons at the radius.

    NO FEAR you’ll be as good as new in a gypy!


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