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Well things went nuts this last week, so I haven’t had an update for you as quickly as I wanted to. That said, the below video is a bit of a montage of what has been going on with my blown bicep since the last video.

I wanted to bring you up to date on how things are progressing with the healing process, so I can get back to those of you that have been asking me what I am doing for nutrition to get the tendon healing faster.
In the mean time, I am applying the Naturally Massive methods in the gym (see the side bar for that program) and have the latest video for you here:

Talk soon,
Sebastian MacLean

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  1. Alan says:

    Scars are good for reminders of the challenges we have conquered. Training program looks fun especially shadow boxing routine. Kinda like Van Damme with your kicks, good height and flexiblity for a guy with big legs. Soon you will never know you had a bicep blowout!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. ricky taiaroa says:

    some thing i picked up from watching your video was adding variety to my warm up like skipping im so used to jumping on the bike, or rower, power stider etc etc, very encouraging and good to see you working out as opposed to reading the manual you lear so much more from actually watching. regards ricky

  3. Right on Ricky. I was hoping a few people would catch that. I know for a long time I found myself struggling with cardio because I really found I didn’t like being stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike. I find skipping and shadow boxing works well to get my heart rate up and lets me challenge myself on speed and technique over time as well.

  4. Hey Alan,
    Thanks for the encouragement. Funny thing is that I was feeling kind of sloppy with the kicks after being tied down from the injury. You’re right though, if you stick with it then full recovery is possible.

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