The Best Supplement For Building Muscle

There is a lot of garbage out there when it comes to supplements. In fact, getting a lean and muscular physique has more to do with eating the right way than it does with most of the supplements you see on store shelves. That said, the question remains; if you had to pick just one, what is the best supplement for building muscle?

Since eating the right natural food on a regular basis can be a challenge, the best supplement for muscle building is the one that helps ensure a balance of all the things our body needs for muscle growth and fat loss. As those who work hard at eating right know, protein tends to be harder to access and prepare when short on time. Never the less, getting great results in your training requires that you get adequate protein intake. Muscle building just can’t happen without it.

For the above reason there is real value in consuming a good protein powder for muscle building impact in your daily diet. Because protein powder is a natural food product, in distilled form, this makes it the best supplement for building muscle that you can use. It ensures you get the macro-nutrient balance you need in your diet for maximum results, especially since protein is the hardest or most expensive to prepare in solid forms.

Of course, not all protein powder is created equal and there are a number of options, including egg protein powder, soy protein powder and whey protein powder. Although there are more, these tend to be the most popular. However, when it comes to the best protein powder for building muscle, I tend to avoid soy protein as some studies have shown large doses of it can have negative impacts on muscle building and fat burning hormone.

Although egg protein powders are good, they tend to be harder to find these days, which leaves whey protein as the number one choice. That said, before you start thinking in terms of protein shakes for muscle building, you should decide between whey isolate and pure whey protein. Whey isolate is better, due to how much of it your body can absorb, but it tends to be much more expensive. With that in mind, unless you have the extra cash, the pure whey protein will allow you to keep your protein levels balanced and stay on budget. Also, most pure whey protein brands now blend some whey isolate into their mix.

Now that you have the essential supplement for building muscle and you know the best protein powder for building muscle, all you have to decide is if your making protein shakes for muscle building or fat loss. In both cases you need a solid level of protein intake. Muscle building may require a higher calorie recipe though, where fat loss may involve a leaner protein shake recipe.

When it comes to the best supplement for building muscle there is no question that a good protein powder may be the only essential item.

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    1. [...] it yourself” pancake recipe gives you amazing lean protein intake. Once you try these pancakes, oatmeal is made a lot more interesting. [...]

    2. George says:

      The most common strategy most people employ for packing on muscle mass, and then leaning out, is through “bulking and cutting.” The problem though is that it doesn’t always work.

      The most common scenario is that you put on more weight than you want so you get “fat,” and then jump into endless cardio only to lose a lot of the hard-earned muscle that you built.

      But I also suggest to take good care with your protein consumption and always check it as well as protein consumption

    3. Luke H says:

      I agree with many points in the article and I also take a high quality protein. One of my favourites and something that I don’t go without is the multi-vitamin. The multi-vitamin is a must because it fills in many gaps that the average day to day diet leaves out. Your body needs to be functioning at a optimal level to undergo muscle growth and having a daily multi-vitamin plays a key part. With protein there is many abundant sources to get it in many places – meats, eggs, nuts etc

      Good Article


      Luke H recently posted..Welcome to Quickmusclebuild

    4. set diego says:

      This a great article. Recently I decide to take bodybuilding supplement but I was confused; now you clear my some points to take the decision.

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