Not Another Fitness Motivational

I have received a few requests from people wondering what can be done if hitting the gym and getting in shape isn’t happening because of lack of motivation. Could this be a call for yet another fitness motivational message?

Maybe I could just throw out the right inspirational quotes and a nifty little exercise program so that suddenly some fitness passion would get stirred up in people, who moments earlier had no passion for weight lifting to begin with. Maybe, if I got lucky, that fitness motivational would stay in someones head for a week before the enthusiasm faded again.

Truthfully some people do just need a pep talk or a fresh program, but for others, I doubt the answer exists in just handing out a more concise program or writing down another fitness motivational. In fact, weights may be all wrong for some; so why should I convince those people to do them yet again?

To stick with anything you have to find yourself committed in a way that makes you feel like the process and the end result matter. You also have to decide if the goal is worth the sacrifices required to get it.

Here’s what I mean… Let’s say an eccentric multi billionaire placed a billion dollars in a trust fund for me and said I could have the money when I retire at sixty-five, so long as I agree to live and work in the South Pole from now until then. As much as I like the idea of billion dollars, the idea of going through that process and spending my life in the South Pole means that I won’t do what it takes to gain the money. Of course, there are other ways I would rather obtain wealth, even if they can’t guarantee the same amount of money.

Likewise, if you feel doing weights and setting a goal for tighter muscles is “blah” then maybe the process isn’t worth the body it produces for you. Instead of trying to get amped up by my fitness motivationals about weight training, maybe you would be more motivated by an outdoor conditioning program that measures your level of recovery and increases in agility. Maybe it is something different from both of these.

You need to figure out what you really want out of your body, consider what is required and then engage the training that will help you create that. Not everyone wants to get on a bodybuilding stage, so they need to know what they are really looking for before they can feel motivated by the training that they are doing.

Do you really want to look like a chiseled action figure, enough to sweat it out on the weights, or is that just an idea Hollywood put in your head? Only you can decide that answer, but if you wind up discovering your real interest lies in shaving off a few pounds and getting healthy use out of your body, the process take a lot of different from that may not require a standard weight program.

All of this is not to discourage you from weight training. I am suggesting that getting excited about a process requires some reflection on what you want to experience now and in the future. If you want something badly enough then the process has to be worth facing. If it isn’t then no fitness motivational note is going to make a difference. Rethink the goal and the process and you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

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All the best,
Sebastian Maclean

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