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The Physical Impact Of Breathing Right

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I just came across an article that got me thinking.  It was covering something about the panic attack symptom of hyperventilation.

The interesting thing was that it mentions a number of physical things that can go wrong when correct breathing is avoided, including nausea, numbness, feeling dizzy etc.

Breathing correctly actually ensures a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. If that balance is thrown off by hyperventilation our ability to function can drastically diminish.

Now although this article was more interested in anxiety and panic attack control, the truth is that it really demonstrates the physical impact that breathing has on the body.  By simply correcting this one area a number of positive physical results are produced instantly.

I thought I would highlight this since I have encountered for too many people who minimize the value of eating correctly, training with good form, or getting enough sleep etc. These things are often seen as being small items that have little impact, so long as not too many are compromised on.

Although life is all about compromises from time to time, we also need to recognize the value that each of these areas has in our effort, so we don’t avoid them all together.

Each element of your training does have a big impact in its own way. Sometimes the impact is more immediate than you think and so missing it can be costly in the long run.

Keep training and keep breathing.

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