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How To Eat For Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

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Alright… I have been reading the feedback from the last video and it looks like a number of you wanted to know about how to adjust your diet for either muscle growth or fat loss. There seems to be lots of bits and pieces out there on how to have breakfast ot make snacks etc., but what if you just want to be told exactly what to eat in a simple and basic manner for muscle growth or fat loss.

It may seem impossible to answer this question without laying out two different strategies. The reality is that eating to get results requires a basic template. For those wanting to lose weight, you don’t have to add much. On the other hand, if you want to gain you still need to get the basic nutrients and then add more for mass.

I can get into some more specifics later on, about how much to add for specific goals, but I think for now I may be able to get you started either way with this video (Remember to let me know your thoughts so I can figure out what direction we should all go in on the next one. I know one video isn’t going to have all the answers, so lets see what questions come out of this and go from there):

Next week I am considering some coverage on the issue of motivation and finding the confidence to stay in the game when the going is hard early on.

Talk soon and all the best,

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How Do I Build Muscle & Burn Fat – Getting Started

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Hey Folks,

I just got back from a rather extend lay off after the New Year. Between family time, business travels and that ever lonving cold/flu bug, I was out of the gym and off the diet a little longer than expected.

That said, I am getting back into my routine slowly and, since I have some fat to lose and muscle to put back on, I thought some of you might be interested in what some of the methods are that I use when getting back in the saddle.

If you are asking yourself “How do I put on muscle and lose fat”, especially if you have been out of the gym for a long time (or even forever), you might be interested in this latest video I did.

How Do I Build Muscle & Burn Fat

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