Finding Motivation For Exercise

I am pretty well into the swing of things, now that I am at the end of my third week in the gym. That said, this last few weeks gave me some time to consider an area of training that a lot of experienced guys take for granted. I paid special attention to those days when I felt a little low on motivation and realized that a lot of people can fall off the wagon early on because of these downer days.

On day one there can be a fair amount of good intention and enthusiasm, but then the end of the first few days rolls around and something happens. Your body hurts, you feel out classed by the fitness freaks around you, or you just don’t know if you have it in you to push hard enough to make a difference. These are all thoughts that lead to a dive in your motivation and many people are at risk of walking away from their training before it even gets started.

So do you let your efforts to build muscle, lose fat, and get healthy die or is there a solution to finding motivation for exercise? This was a question I decided to take up with my buddy Steve Webster at the GoodLife Fitness Club where I train. I felt Steve would be a good guy to talk to since he has an exceptional track record of keeping gym membership high. In my mind this means there must be a way he is dealing with under motivated people that keeps them from running away from their exercise commitments.

You can check out the chat we had at the gym here, in the latest video I have released for you. As always, I need your feedback to get an idea of where to go next on these. Your comments have been a huge help so far (good and bad icon smile Finding Motivation For Exercise ). Here’s the bit:

Pass it on if you can and I’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. Clarissa says:

    Thank You, I needed this :)

  2. Administrator says:

    Glad it was useful for you.

  3. Marylin says:

    Thanks. This was definitely needed. Motivation is definitely a big issue and I have had to use and rely a lot on my will power as my motivation deflator lives with me at home in the form of my boyfriend and his dad. Like you said, the hardest part is the first 30 days and for me it was the first 2 weeks but if you can get over that hump you got it in the bag.

    With me, I have had to rely a lot on friends through facebook, blogs and basically internet to help me through the tough days along with my sisters and a couple of friends. It’s hard enough when you have to battle your own demons but when you have a significant other or a friend constantly telling you your too old, you are retired from all of that you just don’t know it yet, fat ass and basically sabotaging you at every turn it gets downright disheartening. That’s when you really have to tighten your belt and buck up (as my mom would say).

    The way I have been getting through this, basically keeping my goal in my head 24/7 to the point of obsessing over it. I shared my goals with 3-4 people so I don’t get ridiculed too much and have them holding me accountable. When my motivation is at my lowest and I contemplate breaking my nutrition plan or workout plan for the day, I ask myself “is this going to take me closer to my goal or farther away from my goal”. Obviously when the answer is farther that usually gives me fuel to stick to my plans and for an extra kick in the butt I imagine what it would feel like to have the naysayers laughing at you and telling you I told you so. Now considering I am Cuban/Spanish/Italian that should tell you I have one hell of a stubborn streak and fiery temper so this usually gets my butt in gear.

    That being said I guess you can hit more on accountability and how sometimes it’s important not to keep quiet about it because for myself and a lot of people out there that is the real hard part. I am such a secretive person that it’s been hard for me to share my goals to keep me on track and hence can make it easier to screw up as I have seen in some peers. Maybe even some hints on tuning energy vampires off – LOL.

    So in order to help others get over this and set myself up as an example or rather practice what I preach, I am going to go ahead and announce in my blogs and facebook friends my goals completely along with my plan of attack.

    I am starting here with you as you and your wonderful father’s example and your friends have helped me through tough times through your vids.

    I am 44 and I have currently burned 80 lbs of fat off with minimal muscle loss. Need to burn another 40 to 60 lbs depending on how I look and feel at the time. I want to compete next year in a figure contest and become a fitness model to show that your 40′s are your new 20′s (haha). I am bellydancing part time now but by the end of this year I want to be bellydancing full time.

    The outcome of sticking to my guns has been besides the 80 lbs of fat burned off, some of my nay sayers have actually started watching their nutrition, joining me at the gym and taking walks with me including my boyfriend who is an ex body builder and says that he is retired from that stuff. I guess I brought him out of retirement – LOL.

    Sorry for this lengthy response. I hope this helps a bit.

  4. Tanny says:

    Sebastian, you have so many sites and contact places, I have chosen this as a place to applaud your amazing motivated life. I found you through your doc “Facing Goliath” and send you and Ray many blessings. I think I was meant to connect somehow. I am a 55 year old woman who has ranged from 130 to 210 at one point. I don’t see myself as a future bodybuilder by any means but I needed to be reminded that it is the effort that counts, not the outcome. I live with Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue which make going up stairs a struggle on a bad day. But I am also a hospice nurse and am constantly reminded that my challenge is not insurmountable. I was in a tanning booth today and had “the talk” with myself, the “get back on the horse” talk when I saw those thighs and that belly! Ray’s story was the push I needed and I am so grateful to you both. Your desire to help others comes through in every frame. Have you ever considered nursing??
    Only kidding.
    Remember what John Coltrane said:
    “You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere.”

    Many thanks

  5. Hi Sebastian. I chanced upon your YouTube channel whilst researching the subject of a distal bicep tendon rupture which i have recently suffered myself. Your video diary of your progress has been so inspirational! Your poisitive attitude is exeptional and i hope it rubs off on me! My plaster cast comes off in ten days time and i will be receiving more information on the full extent on how much damage i sustained due to the injury. As i am from England they probably do things a little differently here but i had a top hand surgeon perform the operation and i will receive the deatails of how things went in the post. I keep watching your video diary and this is helping me keep positive! Thanks again!

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