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One Week, Rapid, Weight Loss (Without Exercise)

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Do you need to lose weight fast for a wedding or special event ?


I can walk you through a one week, top secret, process that will eliminate 7 to 16 pounds of weight from your frame in a week …

…without exercise or starvation.

I tested it on myself after an extended 4 month period of time of travel, poor health habits, and no workouts left me flabby… But in just 10 days (without any exercising) I dropped 13 lbs:

10day1 270x300 One Week, Rapid, Weight Loss (Without Exercise)
10 Day 13lb Weight Loss With No Exercise

A trip to Europe, packing for a move across Canada, and Christmas vacation, all resulted in my not training or eating properly for 4 months. Suffice it to say I lost muscle and gained fat. Back in Toronto, I had to get lined up with agents and get back in shape in a hurry. However, I still didn’t have a lock on a place to workout. With all this going on I needed to craft a method to start getting in shape, even before being able to exercise. That was when I decided to apply technique that would result in my losing 13lbs in 10 days, without exercise. These are my before and after photos, showing the dramatic results from my 10 day, rapid weight loss system. I went from 198lbs to 185lbs (13lbs lost), in just 10 days, while eating healthy food… but with no exercising. There is a secret and I will be providing individualized, daily, week long sessions.

How can this be true?

As a dietary expert, past national physique trainer and competitor, I apply a method, used exclusively by physique competitors and top figure competitors, for last minute, drastic weight loss.

Let me control your diet for one week and I guarantee your weight loss or your money back.

(Guarantee is based on faithfully following a dietary strategy and passing an initial screening interview)

Who you will be working with:
You will be getting exclusive, face to face, coaching from me, Sebastian MacLean.

I am a former national level physique champion, and author of two books on weight loss and physique development.
Thousands of people, around the globe, currently use my methods for weight loss and physical conditioning.

I am also a past president of the weight loss franchise INCHES Weight Loss and the former host of the TV series Body Quest. All of these facts can be verified via Google search and you may become my next exclusive client, using a new method I am offering to just two exclusive clients per week.

First come, first serve, and you will receive my rapid one week weight loss coaching session for a week, monitored daily.

This secret process is closely guarded in the industry, but is one I will walk you through, if selected.

If you are ready to lose a lot of unwanted weight in 7 days, give me a call!


  • This is a healthy and clinically proven process.
  • This does require healthy dietary adjustments for the 7 day period.
  • You do not have to be a fitness buff.
  • This is a daily consultation service, where you are monitored.
  • If you faithfully apply the program, and get no result, you will get your money back.

How To Get Started:

-Call me at (416) 656-2022
- An initial interview will screen you as a viable potential client.
- A one time payment of $300 is required for the program to begin.
- Preparation instructions will be given and we will begin the initial 30 minute review.

- Consultations continue each day there after for seven days, of weight loss tracking.

First come, first serve.
Booking times are limited.
(416) 656-2022

Ask about our premium, in home, face to face, service.


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