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Doing Some Entertainment Brand Research In Hollywood – 1 of 4

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In my last post, I spoke about personal branding, which was largely related to how an actor can deal with their personal marketing. In this post I wanted to talk about film industry branding from the stand point getting more control over you entertainment brand.

Instead of just knowing your brand as an actor, the most successful action stars and film stars in general, have learned the writing and producing process. However, just getting a script that works for you or even making a movie, is not enough to increase your odds of success substantially.

To get what you want out to the world and be represented the way you want to be seen requires that you research what the market place wants. This doesn’t mean you compromise on who you are or what you aspire to, but it does mean that you learn to look at how your brand strengths will be best received in the market.

DSC02683 300x225 Doing Some Entertainment Brand Research In Hollywood   1 of 4

A Networking Event In LA

You may want to be both a fighter and a poet, but how you market these brand elements (if that is who you wish to be seen as), may require that you find out if there is a demand for this combination. If not, you may need to focus on these as separate projects or seek help in looking for creative new ways to go after an audience.

Obviously waiting around to be cast as you wish to be seen is not an option for those with unique ideas about their brand. This means you need to go after it yourself, learn how you can start projects that have commercial appeal, and develop the right partnerships to attract teams that can get things done.

Obviously the more leverage you have the easier it is to do, but if your public personal brand is not well known, you will need to build that leverage yourself. The big break may come, but in the mean time there are things you can do to to seen as a personality brand in the kind of projects you aspire to.

Have a look at the first of my quick 3 part documentary, covering a trip to the American Film Market that I took with my producer buddy Carson Manning. In the final video I review what the trip taught me.

Talk soon,

Sebastian MacLean

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    Entertainment Branding As Personal Branding

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    BIC 300x217 Entertainment Branding As Personal Branding

    Sebastian MacLean takes some time between shots for BIC to explain a little about personal branding.

    Learning about film industry branding (a.k.a. entertainment branding) is an invaluable way to move forward in the entertainment industry. From personal branding to creating a film brand for a film development slate or a film script, many people outside of marketing companies have no idea how important branding can be to their career.

    Al though I have used branding for my script developments and my film pitches / partnerships, I am going to introduce this to you one step at a time. In essence I am retracing my own steps, starting with the world of acting, where personal branding becomes a high value tool for getting an image that has a value for producers looking for faces that can sell tickets and advertising space.

    The strength of your personal brand can impact more than your performance. It can literally shape your value in dollars for TV and film producers. Granted, it is not an over night process and there are no guarantees, but understanding a little about personal branding can go a long way in applying film brand strategy that could give you a boost.

    In keeping with my own journey, the above video shows a brief clip of my time behind the scenes, preparing to shoot a commercial for BIC. This is followed by some information I hope canĀ  be useful for you actors out there, in the area of persona brand development.

    If you enjoy it or think it can help a few others, please share it around. If you have questions, please ask.

    Talk again soon,

    Sebastian MacLean

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