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Drop Quick Weight. Lose Up To 16 Lbs In Under 10 Days.

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10dayWeightLoss 1024x144 Drop Quick Weight. Lose Up To 16 Lbs In Under 10 Days.

 No Exercise Required

You can drop quick weight, lose more than you thought possible, and do it in record time, without exercise.

You have nothing to lose, because I am giving you this as a free gift in exchange for your sharing it with others.


Many people who hear advertisements that talk about how to drop quick weight, lose faith in the claims. This is because most of the time what you here is just a way to scam you out of a few dollars.  The weight loss diet or program you get from these hucksters simply winds up being another failure.

Now that I have said that, let me tell you about the program I am about to give you without charging you a penny.

I am a past national competitive physique athlete (also known as a natural competitive bodybuilder). I have trained and competed against some of the best bodies in the business and I have learned some pretty amazing secrets of weight control over the years.That said, I have wound up in situations where I had no way to train and was eating garbage that put piles of weight on me over months at a time, especially while traveling.

I recently went through a crazy few months of travel, moving, and resetting my life. I saw how much weight I was gaining and was frustrated because I new I couldn’t get to a gym for a few more months. This was when I decided to think back to my competitive days and recall all my methods for diets that lose weight fast. The catch was that they had to work without exercise until I was able to get back to a gym.


I remembered one method that I had used on myself and a few models and fitness competitors, which worked wonders without exercise. This was because there was a secret to how many of these elite physiques got ready for photo shoots at the last minute. Even they got caught off guard and had to lose 5 or 10 pounds of weight fast. I was able to give them a healthy way to drop quick weight, lose no sweat in a gym, and be ready for a shoot.

10day1 270x300 Drop Quick Weight. Lose Up To 16 Lbs In Under 10 Days.

10 Day 13lb Weight Loss With No Exercise

This very method worked on me just recently, as I dropped 13 pounds in 10 day, through some simple diet adjustments. I didn’t have to starve and I didn’t have to die of thirst and… I didn’t have to exercise.

My first reaction was that I had struck on a huge money maker.

At first I felt that I would walk people though this the city of Toronto where I live. In exchange for a couple thousand dollars I offered exclusive clients a daily in house monitored system, which included my buying their food and showing them, hands on, how to cook certain meals etc.

However, I had a lot of great friends and past customers who wanted to try this, but the price was just not workable. This had me consider reducing the program to $300 and selling Skype style phone service, while they bought and handled their own food.

However, around this time I started talking to a good friend of mine in fitness who has an amazing long term fat loss program. It occurred to me that my 10 day rapid weight loss program might be just the encouragement that people need to see the value in making a longer commitment to their health. That said, I know that getting motivated to embrace something that transformational sometimes requires a quick result first, so people know they have it in them to do something great.

For this reason I decided to give away my big weight loss secret, so long as people share it with others. Once you see the power this has to start changing things for you, I believe you are going to be ready to hear about what comes next.

So put you name and email in that box, hit send and get ready drop some quick weight, lose the hesitation and change for the future.

See you soon.

Your friend and coach,

Sebastian MacLean


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    Outside Cardio Workouts

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    Here I am again, after another quiet spell.  I am still on the task of transformation and prepping the film project, but paper work has had me buried until recently. I am finally out from under it and I wanted to get another video out to all of you on how we can build muscle and lose fat together.

    Also, summer is about to begin and I am loving the sunshine. That being the case, I grabbed my crazy fighting partner and got outside to do some fight style cardio. The goal is to burn calories, but I had hoped to demonstrate some mad fighting skills. I think I better stick to using it as part of my summer cardio workouts though. You’ll see why in the following clip:


    Don”t forget to get out there and have fun. Cardio isn’t always about slaving away on a machine or a track. We want to get our heart pumping and be ready to enjoy our lives and the people around us. Sometimes in the process of all the fat burning and muscle building focus lose sight of the fact that we can still do things we enjoy and get a workout in.

    For those of us with kids we know that life can sometimes be a 24 hour cardio workout, just keeping up with them. That said, we still need to make a conscious effort to make a routine that we can challenge our conditioning with.

    Keep the comments and questions coming folks. I may not always get a direct response out (I do try to keep up), but I do read it all and it gives me a good idea of what you need to hear about next.

    All the best,

    Sebastian MacLean

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