Action Movie Makes Muscle Guy Cry

scriptimage Action Movie Makes Muscle Guy Cry

The Script For The Movie 'Tuff'

This post is overdue and I admit to hiding for a few days. It’s just that some of the developments with ‘TUFF’ required some late night attention, so I wasn’t able do as many updates this week.

We hit some snags with how some of the supporting characters were written in the script. All is well now, but solutions don’t always come as fast as we want them to. Script writing is frustrating enough to bring a man to tears sometimes.

As for the physical transformation process involved in getting ready be Tuff, I am now in the Primer Phase of the Naturally Massive program. In the past week I’ve dropped six pounds and am noticing the lines coming back around my abs a little.

For those of you wondering, here is how my condition from the start of this:

1. In the areas of physique development, since my last national show in 2001, I have been doing natural development seminars,writing books, producing TV shows and building businesses. The workouts got pretty sporadic, as my training goals were not so competitively focused. The last year and a half got so crazy, I was helping a bunch of people and not training at all myself.

2. Six weeks ago I started keeping you all updated on ‘TUFF’ and my getting in shape for the film, using Naturally Massive. From my ripped to the bone, 176 lb, national level condition in 2001, I was now starting at a very soft and muscle reduced weight of 188 lbs.

3. I got smacked with the flu after my first week, lost a week of gym time, and dropped another 9.5  lbs, resulting in a weight of 178.5 lbs.

4. By week three I felt I was starting from scratch again, as the flu had knocked me back a lot. I started my first Naturally Massive Growth Phase and  jumped from 178.5 lbs to 194 lbs over the next three weeks. True, much of that was fluid weight increase, due to fluid lost when I had the flu, but the 15.5 lb gain was noticeable all the same.

5. I am now at the end of week seven (or week 5, if I exclude the first two due to the flu) and at the end of my first week on the Primer Phase of Naturally Massive. My weight has dropped from 194 lbs to 188 lbs. I am keeping all the muscle and eliminating the fat.

My aim for the next Naturally Massive Growth Phase is to increase my weight to between 196 and 198 lbs.

Aside from the flu, the other challenge I got hit with in the past week involved a lower back injury while bouncing my son around in the snow and shoveling ice on the roof of my house. That little muscle irritation cost me a leg workout and my cardio last week. However, by keeping my diet in line and carefully training my upper body to avoid the stitch in my back, the progress has still been very solid. The lower back should be in full working order by next week. Besides, the snow is melting, so I won’t be shoveling again for a while.

I do plan on posting a before and after photo for you in the weeks to come, but first you can expect to get a video series from me, explaining some of the secrets behind Naturally Massive. Talk to you soon.

- Sebastian MacLean

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  1. Chris Bakane says:

    Regarding your last several years, you’ve been a massive influence on a massive group of people, and you’ve always kept in touch and been a great friend and teacher. Regardless of your lack of attention to your physique development, you’ve been a contributory factor to mine and everyone’s success. I attribute a lot of my success to your program, Naturally Massive. Your insight into the human body and its continuous prime-and-grow phases have brought about new potential that I never thought possible within myself. So I thank you for giving me, as well as others, that opportunity!

    ‘Tuff’ is really coming along quite well I see. It’s never an easy task to sit down and develop a story that reflects true life. The main plot really hits home with a lot of people; it’s truly another inspiration to your fans.

    That flu must have been pretty killer, but totally reset your metabolic processes as you’ve lost so much weight! Sometimes these minor setbacks can be a good thing, considering that you were able to rebound and repel yourself forward. I hope that you’re able to recoup from that back injury, too. The lower back is one of the most precious and delicate parts of the human anatomy. A couple years back, I deadlifted beyond my total capacity (about 435 lbs!). I felt a strain on the lower back but just kept going. It got worse throughout the set and that’s when the anguish and pain started to settle in. At the point, I decided to always check my ego in at the door before hitting the gym. I was out for a good three weeks from just about everything. It was not fun. I’m sure you’ll get back on track as you always do!

    Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes,

    Chris Bakane (Greensboro, North Carolina)

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for those encouraging remarks my friend. The set backs can be frustrating, but I feel it’s important to share all sides of the experience. None of us strives for major change without dealing with set backs and what better way to show the value of getting through them than by sharing the struggle and successes with everyone.

    For those not familiar, Chris was one of the first guys to use Naturally Massive. He got hold of my original MuscleMag International article, Cycle Dieting For Natural Growth, which layed down the basics on my methods. I later completed Naturally Massive and Chris took off with it.

    Chris you’ve been a great representative for the methods in Naturally Massive. The program wouldn’t be as popular as it is without guys like you giving it 100%

    Thanks again,

  3. Carl Angling says:

    Really like this site, would you mind if I link to it from my blog?

  4. Molly Duzan says:

    Thanks very much for a pleasent read.

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