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Training Gingerly

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Well things went nuts this last week, so I haven’t had an update for you as quickly as I wanted to. That said, the below video is a bit of a montage of what has been going on with my blown bicep since the last video.

I wanted to bring you up to date on how things are progressing with the healing process, so I can get back to those of you that have been asking me what I am doing for nutrition to get the tendon healing faster.
In the mean time, I am applying the Naturally Massive methods in the gym (see the side bar for that program) and have the latest video for you here:

Talk soon,
Sebastian MacLean

Giving Away Books

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CoverSht 231x300 Giving Away Books

One Week Give Away / Exchange

I just realized I have said little about the contents of CONTEST RIPPED: A CONVERSATION REVEALED.

I guess that since I decided to hand out the book this week,in exchange for any donation of $1 or more to my friends Haiti relief effort,I took for granted that knowing more about the book might still be needed.

First of all, Contest Ripped: A Conversation Revealed is not a menu break downor a training program. It is a conversation and is written as such.

It is a book that looks over my shoulder, as I speak to the concerns and questionsof a first time competitor, looking for the way to get as lean and muscular aspossible for the contest stage. It covers how to eliminate water retentionfrom under the skin, how to carb up, how to evaluate blood sugar levels and much more.

If you have no idea how to train then this book may be worth grabbing now,while I’m essentially giving it away. However you will likely onlybe able to apply this information once you have advanced in your training.

So far many of you have grabbed a copy and the funds, which will bedonated to the Mana Care Foundation for relief in Haiti, have reached $483.With amounts ranging from $3 to $100, everyones desire to help is making a difference.

With just 3 more days to go, I got a call from the Mana Care Foundation yesterdayand their goal of $100,000 in a week has already hit $80,000. These guysare hitting the ground with food and water soon and it looks like they willhave the funds to feed a large number of families over the coming weeks.

Again, for those that donated, I thank you.

For those still thinking about it, you can look at it one of two ways:

1. Take a shot at helping these guys hit the dollar mark they are looking for this week or…

2. Take advantage of me and grab my book for dirt cheap, while I’m giving the book away in exchange for any donation of $1 or more. Head to and send whatever you decide to

Only three days left to go.

Talk to you soon.

All the best,



Remember that if you don’t like the idea of sending me the donated funds (which I am turning over at the end of this week), you can also donate directly by going to and then send me your receipt. I’ll still send you my book this way as well.

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