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Strong Again

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sebastian1 298x300 Strong Again

Aiming for roughly this condition again. Not so lean that I have no energy for a hard days work.

I spend a lot of time encouraging people to get through that first couple of weeks back at the gym. I do this because I know what a mental barrier it is, getting your mind and body connected to the feeling that you’re changing into a better version of your self.

I got a first hand dose of the value in pressing on through the hard part this past couple of weeks. The muscle fibers are starting to kick in and my strength has doubled over last week already. Clothes are starting to fill out a little more in the right places, as my scale weight shifts. The two week push changes from a struggle to stay motivated and eventually winds up with your body really craving results. It’s no longer fighting you, but working with you.

Of course, I’m training with Naturally Massive, but I got word that a couple of new people on The Fat Burn Truth have gone through their first couple of weeks and they have noticed some big changes at the end of week two as well.  I love hearing about this stuff, so feel free to keep posting updates on your own transformations. Another guy out west told me he lost 50 pounds in under three months.

After all the great training updates, I got to sit down with the script revisions and dig into some details on the movie ‘TUFF’. I guess all the progress has a cross over effect. The transformation of a character takes time but the process continues, both in the gym and around the film.

It’s funny how time changes your outlook on shaping the body. There was a time, in my teenage years, when seeing a powerful physique lit up dreams in my mind. I saw more than muscle in magazines. I saw the superhuman ability to take charge of my life in every muscled pose. As my muscles grew I felt my ability to conquer the world growing along with them.

There is no denying that standing on stage, in front of flashing cameras and waving trophies over head felt great. It was easy to believe that the magic really is in the muscles. Of course life has a way of kicking you in the teeth sometimes and that’s when you discover that all the muscle in the world won’t make you strong enough to avoid feeling weak and defeated. (Pretty chipper of me, I know.)

The great thing is that you can find yourself much stronger when you rise from a set back and realize that it takes more than muscle to have a real impact. Your actions and the heart behind them are what give substance to the character you build, physical or otherwise.

Good to have you training with me.

- Sebastian

The Fighter In The Picture

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Now that I’m back into the swing of things, I thought I would give you an update on how I’m doing, both with the physical transformation and with moving the movie TUFF ahead.

After the flu I had dropped ten pounds. That was largely weight that consisted of water and fat. However, in three days I have been able to add back about six pounds, using the growth phase strategies from Naturally Massive. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my metabolism got cranked during my bout with a fever, so I got a side benefit of added fat loss from running hot for a few days.

On the diet side of things I have been eating a lot more  again and washing it all down with lots of water. These first few weeks are fantastic for getting a muscle growth benefit from the added calories, since my body is still adapting to my new training regime. Very little, if anything, is getting stored as fat.

So building the look of the character Tuff is on track again, but what about the abilities of the character. I mean he has to move like a man of action. In answer to that problem I got talking to my good friend and stunt coordinator, Max White.

Max has done some really cool stuff. He did a lot of the stunts in Hellboy II, Bullet Proof Monk and the movie 300. He and some of the guys he works with did some really awesom samples for me, based on the TUFF script. Max looked at the character in the script and talked to his stunt team guys. The next thing I know Max sends me the below video clip, that two guys he works with put together. The idea they had was to show me some of the fighting styles they see us possibly using for the character of Tuff in scenes tat require fights.

The combinations look pretty  fantastic and both Max and his stunt pals were good enough to let me share the sequences with you. Max and his team have done a ton of big project stuff and so I am really excited about anything they are talking about in terms of the action for Tuff. In my case, it looks like I am going to need a little practice to move like these guys do. Here it is:

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